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Bob Shonkoff, Bay Area Freelance Photographer
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I started out in Brooklyn with these two cameras: a Kodak Instamatic and a Polaroid Swinger. By the end of my teens, I was shooting, processing, and printing 35mm. I majored in Cinema & Photography in college but regretfully lacked the confidence of making a decent living with it. The next four decades were spent in the business of mass media, from The Boston Globe to NBC. Then with retirement came the opportunity to learn, explore and shoot on my own terms. 

My style has been described as observational, in search of the human element, coupled with visual play. I am drawn to the qualities that this process requires: living with curiosity, encouraging higher levels of internal and external awareness, experiencing the adrenaline rush when pressing the shutter and, as a throwback to my corporate life, managing the self-discipline of the post process workflow.

And as for that part about not being able to make a living doing this?  Maybe... but I've learned that pursuing art for yourself and then sharing it is, in itself, enriching. 

D Train 1971

D Train 1971

Brooklyn, NY

(my first "keeper")

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