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A photography zine showing how interesting people from around the world can be in the normal and passive act of just sitting.

Zine: \zeen\ noun;
derived from “magazine”;
created  for the love of creating;
often unconventional subject matter;
goal is communication and connection.

I had a pandemic goal to self-publish and decided on a "zine" format because, as defined, it reflected my objective.

Its theme is about perspective:

"Where we sit and what we unconsciously do in those moments."

I pulled, paired and sequenced images with one specific intent: to provide enough interest, ambiguity and space to allow for personal interpretations.

Available for free preview or purchase.

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Group Exhibitions / Galleries


2023 – Somerville Toy Camera Fest

Somerville, MA (Sep. 7-Oct. 7)

Annual “Low Tech Camera” Exhibition

Juried by Ann Jastrab, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA


2022-23 - Oakland Photo Workshop

Oakland, CA (Nov. 11-Jan. 6)

"Where Would I Be Without You?"

Curated by East Bay Photo Collective

2022 - Village Theater Art Gallery

Danville, CA (Jun. 9-Aug. 12)


Juried by Heather Snider, PhotoAlliance, San Francisco, CA


2019 - Grand Central Terminal

New York City (Oct. 16-20)

"Print Life Exhibition"

Curated by Fujifilm North America


2016 - Dickerman Prints Gallery

San Francisco, CA (Dec. 15-Jan. 26)


Juried by Seth Dickerman, Dickerman Prints

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